Find uses for the data you already have

As we have moved into the digital age, most companies are collecting vast amounts of data about their daily activities. Whether it is number of sales, profits, sick days taken, shipment delays, or any of endless possibilities. All this data is logged and saved by the systems used in your company.

You probably never imagined that this data is important. However, hidden within this data are patterns that can be uncovered using data science techniques. Imagine if you could uncover a link between the number of employees working on a project and the chance of the project success, or a link between overtime and sick days taken. Imagine if you could fid a list of factors that has lead to higher profits in the past and can lead to higher profits in the future.

This is not science fiction. Some insurance companies today are using data science to be able to automatically detect fraudulent insurance claims. Also factories are utilising intelligent data algorithms to predict failures in their pipelines and fix them before they interrupt production.

You probably already know what data is being collected by your company. The question is: How can this data be used and what patterns can be discovered by analysing it. Here is where our researchers can help you. We can help you with:

  • Analysing your data for adequacy to be used for data analysis
  • Exploring literature for use cases for such data in your field
  • Developing scenarios where intelligent algorithm can help your daily operations
  • Performing statistical Analysis of your data to find correlations and patterns
  • Developing predictive AI algorithms

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