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Is it Ethical to Pay Someone to Write My Paper?

It may seem ethical to hire someone to help you write your paper. While some people may view it as unconstitutional, other claim that it’s an unacceptable kind of plagiarism. Whatever your reasoning you may be able to employ a professional writer for academic help. This is just one of the advantages of hiring essay […]

Qualities of a Good Essay Paper Service

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Websites That Will Write Essays For You

Writing websites that write essays to students are equally creative and effective as the students who compose their services. They are not only able to provide exceptional high-quality, but also adhere to their own user-centric approach. WowEssays will assist you in writingassignments, whether you’re writing numerous papers, or are interested in learning more about this […]

Behavioural Data

We have data from one day regarding physical activity of 15 patients, comprising two types of data: Type 1: Accelerometry: % of time lying/sitting, standing, walking, running, cycling. Type 2: Behavioral mapping: 3 hourly observations during one day (approximately 45 observations per patient) what how with who where.   There are no clear relations between […]

eHealth Data

Using string data from the electronic patient record to compose an eHealth exercise program, what is needed and how feasible is it, what can be the potential outcome? Composing a digital exercise program is time consuming. Is it feasible to compose a exercise program by subsequently: Linking data from the anamnese by a health professional […]