Find uses for the data you already have

As we have moved into the digital age, most companies are collecting vast amounts of data about their daily activities. Whether it is number of sales, profits, sick days taken, shipment delays, or any of endless possibilities. All this data is logged and saved by the systems used in your company. You probably never imagined […]

Develop your own data science expertise

The buzz word “Data Science” is probably flying around in your company and the pressure is building to extract the advantages that data science brings with it. Yet you find that the topic continually falls in future roadmaps instead of there being plans to start today. There is no denying that starting is difficult. Data […]

Introduction to Predictive Analytics in Python

In this course, you will learn how to build a logistic regression model with meaningful variables. You will also learn how to use this model to make predictions and how to present it and its performance to business stakeholders. The course is instructed by Nele Verbiest, a senior data scientist at Python Predictions. At Python […]