Education Analytics

Currently, there is a high percentage of HBO dropouts in the International Business program at the HHS. Until this moment there is no agreed-upon explanation for this problem. There is a lot of research that has been conducted on this subject in other schools, but the results lead to different factors which all contribute to this problem. The intention behind this project is to focus on the pre-education background of the students and its relation to the success in the first year bachelor of International Business Program. The students’ previous education and grades are the factors that frequently repeated in most studies. This research will try to find out what are the factors that lie behind the dropouts in the international business bachelor.      

This research aims to determine if there is a significant correlation between pre-bachelor education and the international business program. If there really is a relation between these two, then what are the factors or indicators that influence the success of the first year bachelor. Also in the light of this research’s results, we will advise the HHS potentially modify the study admission process of the International Business program which in turn can lead to an increase in the success rate of the program.

Dr. Xiao Peng
I have completed my PhD at Rotterdam School of Management, in Erasmus University, where I practiced research methods like economic modelling and statistical analytics to support decision making for governance structure in business and management.