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Applying data science for Health Innovation Recently, the Data Science team got involved in Pim Koolwijk’s Project ‘Start(V)aardig’. The aim of this project is to develop a toolbox for professionals supporting them to improve the motor competence of young children. The project provides a rich source of structured and repeatedly…

Palsy diagnosis

Peripheral palsy and central palsy are two forms of facial paralysis. Both conditions have similar characteristics, but they can have very different acuteness. Bell’s Palsy is one form of peripheral nerve disease, from which patients often heal and which is not likely to be fatal . A central facial palsy,…

Airport load modelling

Passenger load factor is a measure of efficiency, and it is used to describe how well an airline performs . A high load factor indicates that an airline has sold most of its seats, while a low load factor can cause concern for many airlines. Airlines provide the passenger load…

AI message parsing

Since the industrial revolution European nations had created or were forced to share resources and infrastructures that transcended national boundaries. This resulted in the creation of common rules for maintenance and use to counter risks and challenges . This fact also comes with international dependence and difficulties regarding infrastructures. One…

Diabetes diagnosis

A Diabetic Foot Ulcer (DFU) is a serious complication of diabetes and can lead to a lower limb amputation if not treated properly and in an early stage . A DFU is often caused by poor blood circulation and neuropathy and therefore also heals poorly. For these long-term non-healing wounds,…

Solar energy prediction

In efforts to transition away from the use of fossil fuels and their associated environmental prob- lems, a number of strategies have been deployed worldwide in recent decades. Use of renewable energy sources is one such strategy, an effort in which systems that use solar power to gener- ate electricity…

Local energy systems

Sustainable energy transition aims to develop low-carbon, reliable, secure and affordable energy systems. Local energy systems (LESs) are a promising solution. LES can take advantage of decentralised renewable resources and can lead to, e.g., increased reliability, flexibility, resilience, and security of supply of the energy system. Moreover new business models emerge around peer-to-peer…

IT 4 Seniors

Digital skills are indispensable nowadays, even for seniors. Whether arranging online banking, passing on a move or refilling a prescription, the use of digital systems is indispensable in our society. During the lockdowns, online services became even more important. For senior citizens, the lack of computer skills led to problems…

Professional Practice

Collaboration between university and industry has brought societal and educational benefits by promoting research and innovation, providing industry training, and promoting access to resources and technology for both academia and industry. University, industry, and government collaboration known as the triple helix was proposed in the 1990s. However, industry and university…