Jeroen Vuurens

I studied Informatics right here at The Hague University, and also hold a master’s degree in business. In my free time as well as professionally, I love playing intelligent and social games, solve complex puzzles, take on the most difficult challenges. But professionally, I did not really find the politics of a Managing Role or the prospect of being a Software Engineer very exciting. I did like teaching a lot though and that is what I started out doing. Mostly in Mathematics, Computer Programming and Databases. In later years, I found my ‘happy place’ in doing research to obtain my PhD at TU Delft. My primary focus was to engineer features from natural language to optimize search engine algorithms, recommender systems and to summarize text.

Currently working at Mathematics department, mostly on Machine Learning and Neural Networks to learn models from data for various tasks. We are currently finishing a study to translate speech to phonemes for Aphasia patients.