Our school offers many data science related programs. The Hague University of Applied Science offers a number of Bachelor  (and soon Master) programs to train the data scientists of tomorrow. If you are interested then go ahead and check one of the programs below.

Bachelor Applied Data Science and AI

Are you by any chance listening to Spotify while reading this? Or did you buy something in a webshop yesterday? In everything you do online, you produce data. With that data, organizations can make all kinds of smart predictions. This way Netflix knows which series you like and a credit card company can detect fraud. And thanks to smart use of data, you as a woman know exactly when you are at your most fertile. Are you curious about how this all works? And as a data scientist, do you want to make life easier for all of us? Then follow the HBO course Applied Data Science & AI and learn to make a difference in all kinds of sectors. From healthcare to agriculture and from marketing to law or development aid!

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Bachelor HBO-ICT

Do you enjoy building, gaming or programming websites? Or maybe you find big data and cybersecurity exciting topics? Then the HBO-ICT training is for you. No, you don’t have to be a whiz for this study, because you can go in all directions: from super tech to business consultant. You will always be one step ahead of everyone in the rapid development of automation, because you devise this development together with your colleagues. At De Haagse we help you find your way to the life-changing ICT that suits you.

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Minor on Business Analytics

The business world has shown an increasing need for talents with advanced data analytic skills and strong capabilities to translate and communicate findings in an accessible way. These highly sought-after skills help organizations to tackle business problems and make decisions based on a deep understanding of hard evidence.
Big data analytics helps organizations to get the most out of their data in various aspects, including identifying new opportunities, better-allocating investments, developing better customer insights, designing more innovative marketing strategies, devising more efficient operations, and discovering new products and services.
During the course, the students will be introduced to Data Analytics within a business environment. The students will learn and practice several commonly used business analytics techniques that can help then to set-up analytics projects in their future organizations. The students will also learn and practice the interpretation of results and decision making based on the analysis.

Dr. Xiao Peng,
Dr. Mathis Mourey,