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Education Analytics

Currently, there is a high percentage of HBO dropouts in the International Business program at the HHS. Until this moment there is no agreed-upon explanation for this problem. There is a lot of research that has been conducted on this subject in other schools, but the results lead to different…

Professional Practice

Collaboration between university and industry has brought societal and educational benefits by promoting research and innovation, providing industry training, and promoting access to resources and technology for both academia and industry. University, industry, and government collaboration known as the triple helix was proposed in the 1990s. However, industry and university…

IT 4 Seniors During COVID

With the world population getting older over time and IT systems getting more prevalent than ever. A few problems arise one of which has been named the ‘digital divide’, this is where people that are not capable of using digital systems get more and more detached from those who are…

Asset Management

Maintenance of the infrastructure is a substantial cost for municipalities. It is a challenge to determine which infrastructure needs to be prioritized and what the current quality is of the infrastructure.   In order to predict the quality of the infrastructure predictive models can be used. In this project a predictive model was developed…

Virtual Society

Virtual Society is an aid in order to test software using life-like simulations. In comparison with other industries, digitalization has started much slower within our Dutch government. Citizens and companies expect that information from the government is instantaneously available and easily accessible (Van Leeuwen, 2020). Governments have many reasons to meet these…