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Career of the future

A position as a data scientist is viewed as the best future career. In several areas decision-makers use data in order to achieve b
alanced policies. Through the application of various data science methods, our research group conducts applied research aiming provide valid and practically-feasible solutions.

How data science can help tackle modern challenges

The challenges faced in applied data science are very broad. For example:
How can we support policies with the transition towards more sustainable energy resources? How can we use data to make ‘smart mobility’ even smarter? How can we increase participation of civilians and improve the relevant policies? How can we support decision-making – for example, in the case of suddenly occurring pandemics? In the healthcare domain, how can we improve awareness and engagement of patients through the use of data?

Support through data science

How can the applied research of the Data Science research group support society in answering the aforementioned questions? We do this, for example, through the development of new methods for faster and better evaluation of an important vaccine; through prediction of the effects of measures aimed at limiting the spread of contagious diseases; through the prediction of the social readiness of residents to participate in energy transitions; orr through the development of new dynamic planning systems for autonomous vehicles.

Meet our team

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Predictive Modelling

Dr. Core Beyers

Health and Data

Dr. Tony Andrioli

Human Computer Interaction

Dr. Hani Alers

Data Supported Decision Making

Dr. Xiao Peng

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AI & Data Modelling

Dr. Jeroen Vuurens

Goals and interests of our group

Prof. Lampros Stergioulas

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