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Smart Teddy Project

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One of our main projects is the Smart Teddy, a therapeutic companion with a very basic functionality.
It can bark and move its tail if someone interacts with it.

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Best Education Into PHP

Best Education Into PHP

Take our PHP training for business intelligence
Only one of the many Date science related trainings we offer

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Research Group Data Science

Data science, a fast-growing interdisciplinary field of science, is the main driver for innovation in the coming years. The Data Science research group of The Hague University of Applied Sciences is focused on conducting world-class research in the field of human-centered applied data science and artificial intelligence.
Through the use of methods, algorithms, technologies and/or tools we generate insights from data allowing us to discover important patterns and make predictions. These data and the insights gained from them are used to support decision-making, management, governance and policy in a chaotic world from a human perspective.


Members of the Data Science Group

Our Researchers

About The Professor

Lampros Stergioulas is affiliated to The Hague University of Applied Sciences as a professor of Data Science. At the Faculty IT & Design he leads the Data Science research group. Furthermore he is a chaired professor in Business Analytics connected to the University of Surrey Business School (South-East England).

Lampros Stergioulas is also active for the European Commission as an expert in the field of artificial intelligence, data science and research ethics. In various programmes sponsored by the European Union and EU member states, he acts as an expert evaluator.

He was principal researcher in more than 30 EU projects and coordinator of 4 EU research projects in which he cooperated with public organizations such as the European Center for Disease Prevention (ECDC), the European Medicine Agency (EMA), the European Commission, the National Health Service (UK) as well as national and regional authorities within Europe.

Lampros’s research interests span the areas of applied AI, data science and analytics, health informatics, data-driven management and innovation, system modelling and simulation, as well as data ethics. Through this he endeavors to achieve real-world impact in the areas of healthcare, wellbeing and sustainability.
“Our mission is to apply scientific expertise to solve real-world problems using data, to support decision and policy making and transform lives and communities for the better and to help both private and public sectors innovate and grow using data science.”


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